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Franking Sense® has supplied and maintained franking machines for 30 years. We currently provide support and service to over 3,500 mailing devices across the UK, processing over £10 million of postal revenue per year through our franking machines.

We'll find the right franking machine for you

We recognise that every company's postage needs are different and, as the UK's leading independent franking machine supplier, we have created a range of franking machines designed to cater for any type of mailroom environment. From the small office to the busiest public sector mailroom, we guarantee to have the right franking machine for you. Our fully trained, field-based franking consultants will visit you or arrange a video consultation to understand your specific mailing and franking machine needs and, using their unrivalled experience and knowledge, recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective franking machine to guarantee the best possible postage savings for your business. If you're still wondering whether a franking machine would benefit your business, check out our guide to the benefits of a franking machine.

Save up to 20% on your franking machine costs

As independent franking machine suppliers with the very best and latest franking machines, we could save you 20% on the cost of your franking machine when you switch to us. And we promise to make the switch hassle-free.

In-house finance for your franking machine

For complete peace of mind, we also provide our own in-house finance for your franking machine, so we can tailor a package including service, lease or rental so you can obtain the products you need on the terms that suit your circumstances. Unsure whether to lease, rent or buy your franking machine? Check out our handy guide to financing your franking machine.


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Backed up by the most capable service support team in the UK

Our team of nationwide field-based service engineers ensure the relationship gets off to a great start with either a remote franking machine install or an attended install at no extra charge. We then provide a fully comprehensive service & maintenance service with outstanding KPIs. More on our Service capabilities.

The very latest technology

Parcel shipping and management is a growth area in most mailrooms with the requirement to make the customer experience seamless and speedy access to data on sent items being paramount. Our new mail and shipping technology is at the cutting edge of post and parcel management.

Already got a contract elsewhere?

Already got a franking machine contract with one of the other franking machine suppliers? No problem! Through our sister company, Nationwide Capital Finance, we can settle off your existing franking machine contract simply and quickly.

We won't let you down

Rest assured you're in safe hands with our dedicated team of mailroom professionals. Got any questions about franking machines?

Mail Matters More Than Ever!

The death of physical mail is greatly exaggerated!

Check out our feature on Royal Mail's latest research into the importance of physical mail for businesses. If you thought that physical mail was a thing of the past, this may make you think again about the importance of mail in your Marketing mix.

Select your Franking Machine

Our Office franking machines are ideal for companies sending up to 100 letters per day. Our Office range comprises the very latest compact, easy to use desktop franking machines.


Designed for the smaller office sending up to 30 items per day.

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Processes up to 15 letters per minute. Designed for companies sending up to 50 items per day.

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Process up to 40 letters per minute. Ideal office franking machine if you send up to 100 items per day.

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Process up to 45 letters per minute. Ideal for growing businesses sending up to 100 items per day.

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SendPro® C is the latest franking machine technology. Process up to 50 letters per minute.

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Why choose Franking Sense?

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Financial strength
  • Independent advice
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