NFS IX7 Mailmark Franking Machine

NFS IX7 Mailmark Franking Machine
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Process up to 175 letters per minute. Ideal for busy mailrooms sending mixed and batched mail.


The NFS IX7 Mailmark™ franking machine is an automatic feed franking machine ideal for busy mailrooms sending mixed and batched mail at volumes around 1,000 letters per day.

With a standard processing speed of up to 175 letters per minute, the NFS IX7 will blast though your standard mail processing. If you process mixed mail, the NFS IX7’s optional dynamic weighting platform will weigh and rate your mail as it passes through the franking machine at a speed of up to 110 letters per minute, removing the need to weigh and frank your mixed mail individually. Simply stack the automatic feeder with your mail and let the NFS IX7 frank your mail automatically. The NFS IX7 comes with a 3kg scale as standard, with optional scales up to 35kg.  The IX7’s franking machine’s colour screen and intuitive simple-to-use control panel with shortcuts to your most common mailing jobs makes it a simple and straight-forward franking machine to use even for the occasional user.

NFS IX7 has an integrated automatic label dispenser to make franking on labels fast, efficient and simple if you send large letters, small parcels and/or large parcels or any items thicker than 16mm that are too large to go through your franking machine.

Our NFS IX7 franking machine provides convenient access to postal and department usage for up to 500 departments as standard for ease of  accounting and chargebacks while the standard Rate Wizard ensures accurate postal class selection every time.

In our opinion, NFS IX7 is an ideal franking machine for batch processing of postal volumes up to 1000 items per day, particularly where mixed mail processing and/or franking on labels is needed.


Process up to 175 letters per minute. Ideal for busy mailrooms sending mixed and batched mail.

Is the NFS IX7 franking machine for you?
Mail volume: <1000 letters per day

NFS IX7 highlights:
• 175 LPM standard
• up to 110 LPM dynamic
• 3kg scale for accurate rate calculation
• Mailmark™ compatible for best postage rates
• Departmental accounting for 500 accounts standard
• Integrated automatic label dispenser
• Comes with free NFS IX7 franking machine ink cartridge
• Optional dynamic weighing
• Intuitive and easy to use control panel
• Integrated automatic label dispenser
• 3kg scale
• Postal rate wizard
• Quick rate shortcuts
• Shortcut keys for instant function selection
• PIN code protection helps control usage
• Access to postal and department usage
• Simple, postal rate change downloads
• Low-ink email alerts
Length x Height x Depth 1270 x 457 x 330 mm
With dynamic scale and envelope tray 1700 x 457 X 330 mm
Max. processing speed: 175 letters per minute/110 dynamic
Maximum envelope thickness - Up to 16 mm
Envelope orientation - Landscape or Portrait
Min. envelope dimensions: 89 x 127mm
Max. envelope dimensions: 229 x 324mm
Envelope orientation: Landscape or Portrait
Standard external scale: 3kg
Options: 5/10/30kg
70 accounts standard, 500 optional
Job imprint memories: Up to 9
PIN number security

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