Print, Process & Post Software


Software to help you Print, Process & Post

As part of our "from print to post" capability, Franking Sense® offers a full suite of industry-leading print, document management, document processing and postal software solutions to increase your organisation's efficiency and save you money.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Transform and automate your workflows;
  • Personalise your outbound documents;
  • Manage and share your physical and digital documents
  • Adapt to the demands and challenges of mobile and remote working;
  • Reduce costs on your mail output
  • Maximise the efficiency and economy of your print & copy environment
  • Scan documents straight into your CRM as readable and searchable PDFs
  • Create intelligent output documents

Let our software drive your hardware.

Our Professional Services team will be happy to provide an initial no obligation audit of your current environment. Having scoped the current situation, they will provide a full solution specification along with a detailed implementation, training and support plan.

Print Managment Software

Our Print Management Software helps reduce your print costs by up to 50%. From silently tracking printer usage to reporting usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts, our software lets you control your organisation's printing resources and costs.

Print Management Software

Mail Accounting Software

Our mail accounting software captures usage data from your franking machine(s) and presents meaningful, customisable reports to highlight areas of unnecessary expenditure and enables you to uncover cost and resource saving opportunities.

Mail Accounting Software

Document Managment Software

Our suite of document management software will enable you to transform your workflows, manage and share your physical and digital documents and adapt to the demands and challenges of mobile and remote working.

Document Management Software

Intelligent Scanning Software

Our intelligent scanning software suite will enable you to securely and reliably capture and share information across your organisation giving you a fast, efficient and accurate method of digitising your physical documents.

Intelligent Scanning Software

Connect & Print Apps

Connect & Print from anything, anywhere, always authenticated, all of the time.
Discover an entirely new level of flexibility, efficiency and possibility for your workforce available through your Xerox® ConnectKey Technology-enabled copier or printer.

Connect & Print Apps

S.M.A.R.T. Franking & Parcel Software

S.M.A.R.T. franking & parcel management software is a Shipping, Mailing, Accounting, Reporting and Tracking solution that simplifies and streamlines your mail and parcel management processes.

S.M.A.R.T franking & parcel Software