Franking Sense® launches a year of celebration to mark its 30th Anniversary

Franking Sense® celebrates 30th anniversary

Franking Sense® has today launched a year of celebration to mark its 30th Anniversary. The company, which started trading in 1992, will be running a number of celebration events throughout the year, including the launch of a major fundraising initiative through the Franking Sense® Friends Foundation, which it hopes will make a significant contribution to a number of organisations. Our aim is to raise £30,000.00 over the year to distribute to 3 specific chosen areas: People, Environment & Local.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Julian Gilbert said: "When we started the business, it was out of necessity, blind faith and hope. It was an all or nothing moment. It’s fair to say I’ve loved nearly every step of the journey, good times and bad. It’s not normally in our nature to look back as there is always so much to do in the present. I always hear in the background those immortal cries of 'are we there yet.' The truth is you never actually get there, just keep moving and evolving. However, I do think at moments like this, it is right to take stock & reflect on what we have achieved. We have met some wonderful people, who have all contributed in some way, to the success and wellbeing of the company. It’s certainly the people who have created the lasting memories for me. Winning in business and serving customers both take tremendous effort, tenacity, and creativity, but we have been lucky in making lasting business & personal relationships that we are proud of. The plan was always to build something solid that would last, to play a long game. So, I guess we ticked that box. Finally, I would, of course, like to dedicate this milestone to my late father who set the sails 30 years ago and sent us on our way. It was and still is a privilege."