About Franking Sense

Make Franking Sense your trusted office technology partner for everything Print, Process, Post

Franking Sense® is an owner managed business that has been trading for 30 years. We are an office technology company with a multi-product solution that covers every aspect of your organisation's business critical documents. We are a national service provider with a nationwide service capability, serving customers from Land's End to John O'Groats. Fiercely independent, we are not tied to individual manufacturers. This means that we can find the right solution for you, selected from a hand-picked group of Tier 1, industry- leading manufacturers and suppliers. Our strong ethos, dedicated to customer service shows that we care about our customers. If we mess up, we will do everything we can to put it right via our UK-based technical help desk and army of highly-qualified master technicians.

Our specific areas of expertise centre around the following product categories:

Our bespoke office solutions are all available with finance from our sister company, Nationwide Capital Finance, guaranteeing that we make your solution cost-effective, flexible & tailored.

We benefit from 30 years' experience; we are trusted by HMRC, MoD, Local & central government, NHS as well as thousands of micro & enterprise companies and our service KPIs are market-leading.