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Why Choose Franking Sense?
Cutting-edge technology

As an independent company, we have access to all the very latest print and mail room products on the market. We rigorously bench test each and every piece of hardware and software available and select only those products for our product portfolio that meet our exceptionally high performance and reliability standards. This ensures we can always deliver the very latest in cutting-edge technology to you.

Financial strength

We have provided mail room and print solutions for over 20 years and currently service over 3,500 UK companies with mail and print solutions, from micro, SME and corporate customers to local and central Government. With increased revenues year on year for 23 years, we have created a financially stable company you can rely on. All leasing finance for our products is managed through our own leasing company, Nationwide Capital Finance.

Independent advice

We are a completely independent company and are, therefore, not tied to any particular manufacturer or brand. As such, we are always able to offer completely independent impartial advice on the best solution available for your specific needs. Our recommendation of products and services follows a no-obligation audit process by highly experienced managed service professionals.

Traditional values

Whilst our technology is modern, our values are traditional. Quite simply, we believe in providing the best possible, most complete, open and honest service to each and every one of our customers, all from under one roof.

One call to our UK-based offices gives you access to our expert independent product and solutions advice, after-sales service support, finance and consumables. No expensive calls to scripted overseas call handling centres, just prompt, courteous and knowledgeable support from a member of our experienced and friendly team.

SendPro™ P1000 Franking Machine

Process up to 180 letters per minute.
Suitable for companies spending up to £1,500 per month on postage.

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Take control of everyday challenges

The SendPro™ P1000 franking machine is a digital Mailmark™ compatible franking machine capable of processing up to 180 letters per minute. If you’re currently sending around 1,000 mail items per day and/or spending up to £1,500 per month on postage and looking to create stunning, professional colour mail pieces, SendPro P1000 franking machine could be for you.

SendPro™ P1000 simplifies the process of sending and receiving mail and parcels by integrating mailing and receiving into a single processing system. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all of your incoming packages and important documents.

SendPro™ P1000 will seal and print your post and comfortably handles thin or thick mail as well as small or large envelopes and parcels.

Operation of the SendPro™ P1000 franking machine is made simple thanks to the large, intuitive 15” colour touch screen and its user friendly menu which groups all the major functions together and allows you to save commonly used jobs. With SendPro™ P1000 you will have the ability to access financial and usage data remotely to identify savings, track spending against budgets and monitor mail centre performance.

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Is the SendPro™ P1000 franking machine for you?
Monthly postage spend: £500-£1,500 per month
Mail volume: <2,000 letters per day

SendPro™ P1000 highlights
• 180 LPM
• Feed and seal up to 16m
• 7kg integrated scale for accurate rate calculation
• Mailmark™ compatible for best postage rates
• Full colour envelope printing
• 15” colour touch screen display
• Delivered and installed by Franking Sense trained technician
15" standard colour touch screen display
• 7kg scale, options up to 35kg
• Feed and seal up to 16mm
• 89mm x 127mm up to 254mm x 355mm
• Envelope flap depth:25mm to 98mm
• 100 standard accounts, scalable to 3000
• Drop stacker or optional power stacker
• Print colour: Postal blue, black & white, process colour
With drop stacker: Length 1,257mm x Width 635mm x Height 610mm
With power stacker: Length + 787mm
With colour: Length +165mm
Display: + 510mm to height
Weight: 27.7kg
Max. processing speed: 180 letters per minute
Min. envelope dimensions: 89 x 127mm
Max. envelope dimensions: 254 x 356mm
Max. envelope thickness: 16mm
Envelope flap for sealing: 25 to 98mm
Print quality: Up to 1200 dpi
Integrated scale: 7kg
Permanent connection via wired LAN, wireless or 3G