Royal Mail franking machine & stamp prices January 1st 2021

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Royal Mail franking machine mail prices changed on January 1st 2021.

Prices increased for stamps, standard franking and Mailmark franking across all classes and weight bands with the exception of parcels 5kg in weight and above which remain unchanged.

Royal Mail prices from January 1st 2021 for stamps and franking machines in mainland UK.

Royal Mail prices from 1st January 2021

Royal Mail franking machine and stamp price charts

Royal Mail have a number of wallcharts and resources available with full details of all post, parcel and franked mail prices. You can download these price wallcharts below.

Royal Mail Mailmark franking prices

Royal Mail standard franking prices

Royal Mail stamp prices

Royal Mail business prices

Royal Mail International prices

Summary of the Royal Mail price changes for stamps and franking machines from January 1st 2021:

Stamp prices
1st Class letter + 9p
2nd Class letter + 1p

Standard franking prices
1st Class letter + 8p
2nd Class letter + 5p

Mailmark franking prices
1st Class letter + 7p
2nd Class letter + 4p

Cost saving Mailmark franking machine v stamps
1st Class letter: 15%
2nd Class letters: 29%

Cost saving Mailmark franking machine v standard franking machine
1st Class letter: 6%
2nd Class letter: 15%

Mailmark franking is still the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to send their post

For businesses, sending post via a Royal Mail Mailmark franking machine remains the most cost-effective and efficient method of sending business post in mainland UK. Franking Sense is the UK's leading independent supplier of Royal Mail Mailmark franking machines. Click the link to find details of our franking machines.

Franking Sense was the first independent company in the UK to be approved by Royal Mail to supply and support franking machines in its own right, creating a new approved supplier status in the UK market. This was achieved under the strict approval criteria of Royal Mail.

Today we have a dedicated UK-wide service and support team that is trained and accredited to the highest standards, including ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001 and we consistently raise the bar in customer satisfaction, ensuring you will always be able to get the personal attention you deserve.