Royal Mail franking machine & stamp prices from April 2nd 2024

Royal Mail price changes April 2024

Royal Mail price changes 2nd April 2024 - Franking machine prices FROZEN!

Benefit from up to 49% discount on your mail when you use a franking machine.

Royal Mail have announced their new price tariff for franking machines and stamps effective April 2nd 2024. While stamp prices for both 1st and 2nd Class standard letters have gone up by 10p (to £1.35 and £0.85 respectively), the cost of standard franked letters has remained UNCHANGED.

Large letters have similarly increased in price for stamp users (with the exception of 100g 2nd Class), while all large letter formats for franked mail have remained UNCHANGED.

Business Mail Advanced, Royal Mail's volume -related discount structure for franking machines, has also remained UNCHANGED.

Small and medium parcel prices have increased for both stamps and franking machines.

Significant discounts are still available through a franking machine compared to stamps. For example, you can save 49% by moving from 1st class stamps to 2nd Class Mailmark™ and you will see no real reduction in service delivery. Now that makes Franking Sense®!

Summary of the Royal Mail price changes for stamps and franking machines from April 2nd 2024:

Stamp prices
1st Class letter: + 10p to £1.35
2nd Class letter: - + 10p to £0.85.

Mailmark™ franking prices
1st Class letter: Unchanged at £1.06
2nd Class letter: Unchanged at 69p

Cost saving Mailmark™ franking machine v stamps
1st Class letter: 29p (21%)
2nd Class letters: 16p (19%)
1st Class stamp to 2nd Class Mailmark: 66p (49%)

Franking machine parcel prices
Small parcel (2nd Class)
Up to 2kg: £3.49

Medium parcel (2nd Class)
Up to
2kg:   £5.29
10kg: £6.79
20kg: £10.39

Royal Mail franking and stamp prices from April 2nd 2024:

Royal Mail franking and stamp prices from 2nd April 2024

For more information about Business Mail Advanced volume-related discounts via your franking machine, see our Business Mail Advanced guide.

Royal Mail franking machine and stamp price charts

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