Clean Air Day 2021

Clean Air Day 2021

Happy Clean Air Day 2021!

Clean Air Day is a day to show support for action on air pollution and to contribute to the discussion about building a clean air future.

Why is Clean Air important?

According to the UK Government & the WHO, air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today. Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK. We have the chance to create a clean air environment where everyone can derive the health benefits cleaner air delivers.

Franking Sense® & Clean Air

At Franking Sense®, we are committed to playing our part in minimising our impact on the environment as we go about our business and we are proud to be accredited to ISO14001 for our Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 maps out a framework for us to follow and provides the tools we need to reduce our impact on our environment.

Franking Sense ISO accreditation

Through our Environmental Management System, amongst other initiatives, we are committed to reducing our organisation’s energy consumption, paper usage and waste as well as maximising recycling. Part of this process has allowed us, through improved management, better planning and the introduction of new technologies, to successfully reduce the amount of business travel our employees undertake on behalf of the business year on year.

Along with our partner Fellowes, who have demonstrated the simplicity of introducing clean office air, we have committed to providing cleaner workplace air for our staff and customers through a technology solution, Aeramax. This best-in-class range of workplace air purification products, which has recently seen substantial worldwide growth of sales, fits perfectly into our environment as the desire to provide cleaner air gathers momentum.

Fellowes Aeramax air purifiers

Franking Sense® has recently installed air purification technology at our own Head Office, with units placed across our offices, showroom, rest rooms, canteen and training facility as we recognise the clear benefits of providing the cleanest air possible to our staff and visitors in our premises.

If your business is interested in the benefits of cleaner air in the workplace (see our recent article ‘The case for cleaner workplace air is clear’), we can offer a cost-effective and straight-forward turnkey solution, from survey, assessment and proposal, through to wall mounted installation by qualified technicians. For larger, multi-room installations, fixed term rental plans can be offered including service and filter replenishment as a managed service. Click here for more details on AeraMax.

At Franking Sense® we like the smell of fresh air. We love clean air day!