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Safeguard your staff and company against the disruption, damage and injury created by postal threats

As the threat of postal terrorism for organisations and businesses grows, so the need to invest in reliable postal protection becomes more important. Our range of X-ray mail scanners has been specifically designed to protect your staff and infrastructure against the disruption, damage and injury that these postal threats can bring.

Our cost effective, high specification cabinet X-ray scanners will meet the demands of most mail room situations whilst occupying minimal operating space.

Our cabinet X-ray scanners are ideal if you handle a regular flow of mail and parcels from a range of sources and want to instantly detect and be protected against terrorist threats, drugs and related threats. Perfect for the following environments:

  • Mail Rooms
  • Reception Areas (scanning of post)
  • Goods In (screening of parcels)
  • Executive mail screening
  • Loss Prevention
  • Contraband detection

Our X-ray machines are quick and easy to use, with easy mouse control and a full colour 19" TFT screen. They have a large chamber which can accommodate most incoming postal items, including postal trays, parcels and bags. Captured images can be viewed, enhanced, printed or stored. With Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD™) software as standard, powder based threats items can also be interrogated.

Can you afford to take the threat of postal terrorism lightly?