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Print Smarter & reduce waste on your print costs with our intelligent eco-friendly software bolt-ons

Reduce your print costs by up to 50%

As part of Franking Sense’s commitment to providing a complete "Print, Process, Post" service, we offer PaperCut, the flexible print management software for Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell that helps to improve your network printing efficiencies, reduce your print costs and printer waste and enables you to understand and manage how much printers are used, by who and when.

From silently tracking printer usage by individual, group, office or department, to reporting usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts, PaperCut lets you easily and efficiently monitor and control your organisation’s printing resources.

PaperCut is ideal for businesses, schools, colleges or professional services organisations.

Track printing

PaperCut's core purpose is to track all printing in a network environment, maintaining detailed print logs for all user printing activity. PaperCut can report not just overall printing volumes, but also volume by printer, printer group/department or individual user, assisting in decisions around allocation of the most efficient printer resources or purchasing new equipment.

Save paper

PaperCut’s print control software makes it easy to monitor paper usage across all departments. Implementing PaperCut print policy rules, including routing large jobs to the most cost effective printers or setting print quotas to encourage responsible use can return paper savings of up to 50%.

Environmental benefits

The less paper you use, the more money you save and the better it is for the environment.