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Document Intelligence Software - Make your documents intelligent so you can track, archive & retrieve easily

Our Output Management Software enables you to make your documents machine readable by adding barcodes to your documents. This allows you to track both inbound and outbound mail, group document types by size and add relevant inserts to outbound documents.

Save up to 60 seconds per mail piece produced

Installing OMS-200 Output Management Software can bring you efficiencies of up to 60 seconds per mail piece by automating your mail handling processes, maximising your output,saving you time and cost.

OMS-200 is easy to install, configure and run and works with all types of document generation systems. With just a few clicks, OMS-200 can be used to add barcodes and intelligent inserter marks to your documents, whilst exactly maintaining the document’s appearance, to automatically and intelligently collate, fold, insert and seal your documents using a folder inserter.

Improve the security of your mail output

OMS-200 improves the security of your document processing by intelligently ensuring only the right mail goes to the right person every time. Ideal for financial and legal sectors.

Personalise your outbound mail content

With OMS-200, manually adding personalised content to your mail output is a thing of the past. Using text recognition, OMS-200 can automatically add specific or personalised fliers or inserts for specific recipients.

Summary of benefits

  • Designed for use by non-technical users
  • Huge time and cost savings (save 30-60 seconds per item)
  • Full mail piece integrity - only correctly filled envelopes are output
  • Handles multi-size, multi-page jobs with varying page count
  • Store and re-use job templates
  • Add intelligent inserter marks in seconds to automate your mail
  • Integrates with barcode reading folder inserters
  • Easily install and implement into current document processing environments
  • Personalize your variable page document mailings by recipient using document content
  • No bespoke system coding required.

How OMS-200 works

  1. Prepare your document file
    Prepare your documents for printing using OMS200’s user interface. Group your document pages by recipient, add selective inserts and control folder inserter functions. Position your barcode.
  2. Print your processed documents
    Print your prepared documents from OMS200. Unique barcodes are added to each page.
  3. Load and run your document on a folder inserter
    Load your documents and run on a barcode reading folder inserter. Using the intelligence embedded into your document by OMS200, the folder inserter automatically collates, folds, adds inserts and seals each document set.

 System Requirements

  • Windows XP x86 (SP3) or Windows 7 x86/x64
  • Pentium DualCore 2.5 GHz processor or similar
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet access (SSL enabled: TCP Port 80/443)
  • Windows printer driver
  • DVD drive