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Take control of your company’s mail and postal efficiency

Are you making the most efficient use of your postal franking machines? Are you overspending on your postal output?  Do you spend hours tracking, collecting and managing mail-stream data across multiple locations?

Our web-based, easy to use Mailmark™ franking machine reporting tool can consolidate information from all your mailing locations in one place, giving you the capability to:

  • Have real-time visibility of your postage expenditure by class and format;
  • Extract information and present simple graphical analysis;
  • Monitor spending to identify waste e.g. overuse of First Class, large letter format or Special Delivery services;

Using Intellilink® technology, INVIEW™ mail accounting software captures usage data from your franking machine(s) in a single location or multiple locations and presents meaningful, customisable reports in tabular or graphical formats to highlight areas of unnecessary expenditure and enables you to uncover cost and resource saving opportunities. Reports can be exported in a number of formats, including Excel, CSV or PDF.

Available from anywhere via the web, INVIEW™ provides reports such as:

  • Summary, detail and trend reports for postage and mail pieces
  • Postal class reports
  • Letter format reports
  • Weight break reports
  • Summary reports by postal meter, by location, by group of meters

This real-time data will allow you to analyse trends to set budgets and make informed decisions such as:

  • Allocating appropriate workload support
  • Re-allocating mailing jobs from one postal service to another;
  • Consolidating batches of mail to maximise postal discounts;
  • Identifying opportunities to move Large Letter format mail to Standard Letter format;
  • Modifying mail pieces for  a more cost-effective weight break;