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Incoming Mail Tracking Software

The Complete Post Room Tracking System

  • Proof of delivery for your internal mail
  • Eliminate paper records
  • Remove mail handling disputes
  • Complete audit trail of each item collected/delivered
  • Collect signatures and photographs

OmniPost is a web based tracking system, which provides up to date, accurate proof of receipt and proof of delivery for virtually any mail item delivered to and leaving from your post room.

Omnipost can track documents or packages from the moment they are dropped off by the carrier to the point of delivery to the intended recipient.

Items are logged in, scanned to a location (recipient), a signature is captured and the web-based application is instantly updated to provide real-time status and future reporting.

Benefits of OmniPost

For the mail room:

  • Eliminate disputes over mail handling.
  • On-screen signature capture provides proof of delivery
  • Absent signatory is not a problem as location barcode can be scanned proving attempt to deliver.
  • Each unique item is tracked by date and time stamping each movement for a full audit trail.
  • Take and add photos to items on receipt, removing accusation of damaging mail
  • Add documents and files to items, such as delivery invoice
  • E-mail automatically sent to the recipient giving them the option to collect or advising when it will be delivered
  • History of every item is saved in the database and can be reported on
  • Access the system from anywhere

For the company

  • Monitor productivity and performance
  • Understand how the post is used
  • Monitor use of post room for personal use

For the recipient

  • Confidence in the Mail Room
  • Save time chasing delivery as alerts are provided as soon as item arrives in the mail room.
  • Registers item damaged on arrival
  • Unique tracking reference to manage any queries
  • Transparency of date regarding time of parcel arrival/delivery
  • Accurate record of time item arrived for checking against service levels paid for