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Franking & Franking Machines | Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already tied into a long term contract

No problem - we can help you buy yourself out of your contract, settle the current lease and reduce your costs right now. Franking Sense® are experts at negotiating a new contract that meets all of your objectives. Call us and put us to the test today!

Who are Franking Sense®?

We are a well-established, knowledgeable and progressive company, supplying franking machines, mail room and print solutions to over 3,500 companies across the UK. We are the highly competitive, customer focussed alternative to traditional mail room vendors. Therefore, if you want good value and personal service, combined with best in class products - you've come to the right place.

Why should I change supplier?

That's the reason you are here! We really do think we can offer you something different. Our offer consists of good value, excellent service support and a "can do" attitude. We won’t let you down. Our people will get to know you and tailor everything we do to meet your expectations.

Who will install my franking machine?

The latest franking machines require installation on a LAN and we recognise that you may need some assistance to install your franking machine correctly. Here at Franking Sense®, we guarantee that we will never leave you to go it alone. Once we deliver your franking machine, you will benefit from a full installation support service by a member of our fully trained service support team to ensure your franking machine is installed correctly. You will then benefit from full training on how to use your franking machine. We have found this level of service is often charged for by our competitors, but we believe it is the least we can do for a customer who has chosen Franking Sense® as a partner.

What if I change my franking machine in the future?

No problem - with our contracts you can change your products to suit your current circumstances. You can upgrade or downgrade (subject to certain conditions) and we will be happy to advise you on the best machine for you at all times. We will always endeavour to meet your changing requirements.

Are you Royal Mail Approved?

Franking Sense® was the first non-manufacturing company to be approved by Royal Mail to sell and service franking machines in the UK. It took Franking Sense® 6 years of negotiations to develop a new approval criteria to operate in this specialist market. We believe this is something that shows in our passion and determination to develop a new (3rd) way forward in the industry.

Do you save money using franking?

Franked mail is cheaper than using stamps. The price of mail is variable, but the savings using franking systems can be very significant, particularly with the latest Mailmark™ franking machines. Franking machine users obtain generous discounts, whilst professional mailers can benefit from additional discounts off standard tariffs by using a Royal Mail service like BMA.

What is your service like?

Service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. All members of our support team are selected and trained with customer support in mind. In all cases, our support team develop a relationship with our clients and understand how your business works, to create a true, personalised supplier/client understanding.