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PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect document processing software - Optimise production of your variable data transactional documents, business forms and bulk mailings

As part of our "Print, Process, Post" full document management capability, Franking Sense offers the PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect suite of automated document processing software, a single and affordable solution for optimising production of all your business documents and forms.

PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect provides a toolbox of software that allows you to produce and send highly personalised communications, including variable data transactional documents and business forms through print, web, email or SMS, With PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect you can automate many of your business processes through a customised automated document workflow.

PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect will easily integrate into existing systems organisations have in place. This means that minimal investment in IT infrastructure or consultation costs will be required.

Using a simple drag and drop interface, PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect allows you to produce and generate high volume transactional print jobs from any host data or existing document and choose whether to print it to any printer, index and archive it, email and/or fax it. PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect enables you to tailor your output and directly target customers and customer groups with specific messages by determining what content appears on which recipient’s document using easy-to-define business rules. This provides the opportunity to use your transactional documents, such as invoices and statements, to market, up-sell and cross-sell relevant to the recipient.

To streamline your postal output and reduce your postage costs, PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect can also be used to enhance and modify your documents and bulk-mailing applications with the addition of OMR or barcodes.

PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect supports a wide variety of data and document input, has a unique Windows driver for input from any Windows application and offers advanced PDF handling tools.

Key benefits of PlanetPress Connect / Pres Connect

  • Single and affordable solution for all your business documents and forms
  • No change to your current system
  • Every document provides an opportunity to market and sell
  • Cut document-processing costs
  • Enhance existing documents with OMR and barcodes
  • Automate jobs and save on labour costs
  • Optimise the distribution process
  • Reduce postal costs
  • Digital archiving