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Go 'paper-light' & optimise your company’s document management processes with our cutting-edge data capture & document scanning solutions.

Ideal for companies looking to introduce centralised document capture solutions.

Scanning your documents and distributing them electronically allows you to simplify and modernise your company’s document management process, streamlining departmental information exchange as well as reducing your operational costs. Add Kodak's market-leading Capture Pro software to manage and index your scanned images for easy document retrieval, improving auditability and data compliance as well as benefiting the environment through a reduction in paper usage.

Franking Sense offers a full range of document and data capture scanners. Our range comprises everything from Workgroup Document Scanners, capable of scanning up to 20 pages per minute, Departmental Document Scanners (up to 80 pages per minute), A3 Mid-range document scanners (up to 100 pages per minute) to high volume Production and Network Scanners.

Our scanning solutions are complemented by a full suite of bundled data capture and scan management software.

View our Special Offers on Data Capture Document Scanners.